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How to Repair Damaged Vinyl Flooring

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Sheet vinyl flooring can look great in any room in your home, but loose seams not only leave it vulnerable to damage and water ingress, they can also cause a serious trip-hazard.  Here’s how you can repair damaged sheet vinyl flooring quickly and simply. What you’ll need: vinyl adhesive putty knife wood block wet rag wax paper seam sealant straight-edge masking tape metal transition strip Everything that you’ll need is available at your local DIY store. Vinyl seam sealant comes in a variety of colours, so you should be...

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Importance of CNC Machining in the Metalworking Industry

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Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is a field that deals with the control of machining tools using computer programs. This type of machining has affected almost every part of the manufacturing industry. There are several benefits attached to choosing CNC machining over the manual alternative if you are interested in custom parts and products. The machines are more precise, so you will get uniform and accurately measured custom products. The process does not require constant human intervention; therefore, you will make savings through lower...

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DIY Guide To Repairing Rotten Timber Window Frames

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Rotten timber is not a sight that any homeowner wants to see. Unfortunately, due to their exposure to the elements, timber window frames tend to be particularly susceptible to the effects of rot. Luckily, unless the damage is extensive, it is not too difficult to repair rotten timber yourself. To repair rotten timber, you will need the following items: a narrow chisel, a drill, rough sandpaper, fine sandpaper, timber preservative, and epoxy wood filler. Step 1: Remove The Rot First and foremost, you need to remove the rot from the affected...

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Four Troubleshooting Ideas to Get Your Roller Doors Rolling Again

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Roller door not working? If your door is refusing to go up and down like usual, it typically relates to one of four issues. Wondering what may be the matter with your door? Take a look at these five common concerns and tips on dealing with them: 1. Power Obviously, your automatic door works with electricity, and if it doesn’t have power, it won’t roll up and down. To make sure your roller door is getting the power it needs, check your breaker switches, and make sure the motor to the door is plugged in. If those elements appear to...

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Some Do’s & Don’ts for Maintaining a Freezer

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Some people shorten the working life of their freezer without even realising it. Although this is never intentional, it happens regularly, simply because they don’t have the knowledge available to maintain their freezer. This article examines some important things to do, and not to do, to promote a long and useful working life for a freezer. Do Improve efficiency: Do clean the coils on a regular basis, around every four or five months is good, to maintain the efficiency of the freezer. Use a duster or a vacuum to clean the coils, and...

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3 Major Options for Cooling Your Home

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Cooling your home usually means the installation of a central air conditioning unit, but these are very expensive to operate. They cool your entire house equally even if you’re only in the living room or asleep in the bedroom, so they waste electricity and in turn, your money. While a central air unit can be good for when everyone is home, there are other options to consider for cooling. These can be used on their own or with a central unit, so you can use one or the other according to your needs. Note a few of these options here. 1....

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